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Forum for Global Health Ethics: ‘The Metaverse: A role to play in mental healthcare?’ - Discussion - Schweiz

Date: 25.04.2023, 17:00-18:30h
Location: Onlineveranstaltung via Zoom
Keywords: Neuroscience - Medical ethics
Details: The metaverse is an immersive space in which users can experience being “inside” the internet and interact digitally with other users, objects, and environments. Researchers are exploring whether the technologies that generate the metaverse – virtual and augmented reality – might be tools for mental healthcare. Recent studies show that 3-D hologram clinicians for virtual consultations or augmented reality exposure therapy could play a role supporting mental health professionals in treating post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorders, eating disorders, addictions, panic disorders, among others. In this webinar we will address ethical questions that emerge with the provision of mental healthcare in the metaverse. Can virtual and augmented reality be valuable for people with limited access to in-person mental healthcare? Will accessing mental healthcare in the metaverse expose people to violations of their mental integrity? Can the metaverse protect people’s privacy? Our international speakers will present their views on mental healthcare in the metaverse, discuss ethical issues, and answer questions from the audience.
Contact: Address:
Institute for Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (IBME) Winterthurerstrasse 30 8006 Zürich Schweiz
Tel: +41 44 634 40 81
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