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Summer School on Ethics and Health Care: Organ Transplant Ethics - Workshop - Italien

Date: 12.06.2023 to 16.06.2023
Location: Venice International University Isola di San Servolo, Venice
Keywords: Medical ethics - Organ/tissue transplantation
Details: The program offers professionals, students and early career researchers the opportunity to critically reflect, with the help of highly qualified experts, on topical issues that raise ethical and deontological dilemmas, relating to health care ethics. A fundamental feature of the School concerns its method, which is characterized by a continuous and intense interdisciplinary exchange between doctors, philosophers, economists, jurists, psychiatrists and sociologists. During this third edition, the course will focus on the problem of organ transplant ethics: the different issues raised require interdisciplinary reflection. In the procurement phase it is necessary to know how to interpret and apply the "dead donor rule". Moreover, a certain definition of death can encounter resistance and opposition in some ethnic and cultural contexts. Another problem, in this phase, may concern the correct collection of consent and the possible management of intra-family conflicts regarding donation. Various difficulties may also arise at the transplant stage: for example, the refusal (for non-medical reason) of a blood transfusion of a transplant candidate, or the use and discarding of the so-called "marginal organs", also difficult to solve. Can everyone be a donor? Is it ethically acceptable for a young child to donate the organ to an elderly parent? Are there any risks of donor conditioning? How to define therapeutic obstinacy in a field where we are dealing with complex patients whose possible outcome is not known with certainty? How to select patients? How to prioritize access to transplants? The Summer School will allow the participants to reflect on all these issues, through intense debates.
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