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Foundation for Health Sciences

(Fundación de Ciencias de la Salud)

Adress: Avda. De Pio XII, 14
ES-28016 Madrid, Spain
34 91 3530150
34 91 350-5420
Contact Person(s): Noelia Álvarez
Task groups: Steering Committee

Participant Number: 6
Description: The Institute of Bioethics is a body created within the structure of the Foundation for Health Sciences, and dependent on its Board of Trustees. Its objective is to coordinate the activities of the Foundation concerning the field of Bioethics.
The Institute of Bioethics aspires to be a forum concerned with a variety of disciplines, an assembly for unrestricted and sensible discussion of all matters of great significance related to the sphere of health, especially those posing serious ethical problems.

The basic purpose of the Institute is to defend the dignity of men an women. The discussion of issues will not have other limitations than the respect of fundamental human rights, including the right of freedom of conscience.

To create a first rate Centre of Bioethics in Spain, which will be in connection with the best American and European Institutions on the subject. The Institute will promote research, teaching and debates on these problems and will endeavour to become a centre for reference on the field.

- To set up a Documentation Centre to be used by the Institute itself and by all those persons working on Bioethics.

- To promote research on Bioethics, either on its own initiative or in collaboration with other institutions

- .To carry out teaching activities, either on its own or in collaboration with other institutions

- To organize lectures, round table conferences, debates and discussion sessions, in which significant sections of society will take part. All activities will be open to the whole body of persons.

- To publish books and monographs containing the results of the activities of the Institute, as well as promoting translations of foreign books that may be thought of as essential for the progress of Bioethics in Spain.

The Bioethics and Medical Education Information Documentation Centre (CENDIBEM) was created in 1997 to be a centre of excellence that promotes research, discussion and teaching on Bioethics and, later in 1999, expanding also on Medical Education. The center serves to the Bioethics Institute and the Biomedical Training Institute activities.

Since its creation, the Center has been holding a collection of more than 100 journals, and a double number of books, including general and specific, national and international resources dealing with biomedical ethics, legal medicine, general and applied ethics, medical practice, palliative medicine and medical education. Connected with long-standing private and public documentation centres on Biomedicine, we have access to huge document-providing services. On the other hand, we make a selection of the more relevant journals' papers of an specific topic to build up dossiers and be up to date on those subject relationed to the activities of both Institutes (medical education, clinical bioethics, ethics of research, cloning, genetics). Home | News | Events | Literature | Partners | Topics | Links | ENDEBIT | EUROETHICS | Thesaurus
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